Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chasing perfection

I had a couple of interesting conversations lately.

One was with a good friend of many years. She is a Master Appliquer and very particular in her work...and will admit to being anal about her work. I have learned a lot from this friend over many years. One difference is that I do try my best and try to utilize new techniques to improve my hobby but I rarely beat myself up over it. After-all, this is my hobby and supposed to be fun, lol !!

As I get a little older, I can see that on some days my work may not be as nice as the day before...for who knows what reason...fatigue, stress, a bit of arthritis that particular day, etc. I contemplate tearing out the stitches, but stop myself. This is who I am that day and that is what I am capable of that day.

I have heard hand-sewers say that they may give it up when their work is not of the quality that it once was. I personally am saddened by this. On the other hand, in my longarm business, I am cheered when "mature" quilters still make their way to my door. They are ones to just enjoy the process of creating quilts still...I love their outlook!

Despite all this, I come to the Flower Garden block I am working on today...

I am kind of new to working with Fassett fabrics, but am enjoying the bright colours and wild prints. I do have to admit, though, that it can be somewhat of a challenge to decide which colour thread to use for the applique! Usually I just pick the dominant colour of the piece of fabric and try my best. On the flower piece of this block I have used three different colours of thread.. red, pink and orange. This is so not like me! I must be influenced by my conversation with my friend yesterday.

On Monday evening at one of my guild meetings we had two very interesting speakers. They are woman who judge quilts at the Fall fairs. They really gave us insight to what they look at when judging quilts.

 It was a bit tough at times since they used some of our own quilts to demonstrate. When they commented on the binding on one of my quilts it bummed me out a little, but then I figured that I would try to incorporate some of what they were saying in my next quilt. I like to think I'm open to trying new techniques to improve my work.

This brings me to the second conversation of interest this week. Another woman who heard the same speakers told me that after hearing all that is looked at when judging for the fair, she would never dare to enter a quilt! So sad,  I think. In my opinion, we should enter our quilts to share our craft and do it just to enjoy the process...not because of the competition aspect of it. I have had quilts do well, and I have had quilts that I have been so proud of not get a ribbon at all.

If everyone was afraid of how their quilts will perform at the fair we would probably not have so many beautiful quilts to look at when we visit the much enjoyment in that!

I guess my point in this post today is to just enjoy your craft, listen to critique and new ideas, and the work will improve....or not!....but probably. The real deal is that we want to quilt because it makes us happy.

Wow, this is getting a bit sorry!

Wish me luck...I have my bags packed and ready to go do a trunk show this evening! I have to say that life has been so hectic, I haven't had a moment to get a case of nerves!!!

Have a great day!

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