Tuesday, June 23, 2015

...and even more binding.....

Well, the wedding has pretty well arrived....we're into the last two weeks and everything is falling into place!

Today is my last scheduled work day and, I'm happy to say, I'm right on track! I may try to escape for an hour or two..because in a weird cosmic way all of my children may be available at the same time! I figure I should take advantage of that and have a nice lunch together, if possible.

This morning was another marathon of binding....that's two large quilts in a row, but the end is near!

I did manage to find some time yesterday to prep some applique for my Auntie's Green Garden....

Here is a picture of how it's been for the last little while....

I'm looking forward to having this corner completed so I can go on to the next step! I still love this project...I just hate that it takes me so long to prepare the pieces for each next segment. Maybe I should have a goal...like to have it ready for the Norfolk County Fair in 2016? Could be....I'll just have to keep at it as I would love to hand-quilt this baby!

It's funny, I hung this back on the design wall yesterday and something stuck out at me like a sore thumb! I remember last working on it and feeling compelled to sneak in a little Kaffe Fassett fabric. Well, one of the fabrics is screaming at me that it just doesn't belong....and I'm going to listen and replace it, lol. I don't often do "do-overs" but sometimes you just have to listen to the quilt!!

My little Cooper has learned that if he tries hard enough, he can finally get up onto the furniture. He even managed to get to this lofty height....I was thinking this pink chair that is a birthday present was in a safe place.....

Maybe I'll have to buy another chair for his nibs???

Have a great day!

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