Sunday, December 13, 2020

Stitching and knitting...

It's been a while since I've posted....this is always such a busy time of year for longarm quilters!

I've also been out of touch due to a severe lack of sleep, but I think I've got this managed (I hope!).

Last time I posted that I needed to get two doll quilts done for Christmas. You can read about it HERE.

I ended up switching things up and taking a much easier route to getting these made up. I took the Naive Melody quilt that I had been working on and used it for the two doll quilts.

The doll quilts are completed and ready for wrapping.

I've also finished my Snowflake quilt, and it will be a Christmas gift also. 

My goal for the new year is to be motivated by my friend Terry....she decided not to start any new projects all these months of being stuck at home due to Covid....she's managed to get a lot of progress done on finishing up UFO's. Part of me is chuckling at myself at the thought of sticking to this....but I'll try.

I have got a few knitting projects planned for the new year, so they won't count as they are already in the queue! 

This month I've put my applique aside so that I can take part in a knit-along with knitting gurus, Arne and Carlos. They came up with a Christmas Advent KAL of their Christmas balls. Everyday they have a fun little YouTube video about each ball. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the balls I've knitted so far...

I knew I'd been doing something incorrect in my increasing and decreasing technique with the balls. The pictures I've seen on Instagram are much smoother. I did a bit of research and found out what I was doing the balls from here on out should be a little bit improved!

I always tell quilters that are just starting out and a bit dejected when comparing their work to seasoned quilters that they need to allow themselves to be beginners....we were all there at some point. So, that's how I look at the progress of my knitted Christmas balls...I've allowed myself to be a beginner...I won't discard the balls I've made so far, I will take note of my improvement instead. 

As a friend (SS) commented to me....isn't it fun to learn?....and, yes, it is!

Also, Arne and Carlos were correct...knitting these balls can be addictive! Lots of fun with a new Christmas ball pattern each day.

I'm pretty happy with my Christmas socks...

....but instead of wearing them I've hung them on the mantel and they look great!

I had thought to get a new ornament to remember 2020 by (but really, will we ever forget?). I'm glad I held off, as I received this ornament on Saturday (Dofasco gifts employees/retirees with a nutcracker each year)...

That's all for now. I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. I think I'll take a look at what every one is stitching on as I finish up the binding on my Snowflake quilt, and knit on today's Christmas ball. Also, thanks go to Gail, aka The Cozy Quilter, for giving me a friendly kick in the butt :)


  1. Oh, your ornaments and socks are so cute!

  2. The nutcracker is perfect for this year! Love all your knitting projects...the socks are so neat! I don’t think I’m ready to tackle the Christmas balls yet but maybe by next year. Your snowflake quilt is very festive. Lucky recipient!

  3. Thank you for a lovely blog post! Your Christmas balls are so beautiful... what a creative way for a stitcher to decorate a tree! You must show us the tree when all the balls are made!
    How fun to see all the quilts you are finishing for gifts... the snowflake quilt is wonderful and I might need to make one myself one of these days.
    I am kind of giggling about the no new projects idea but it's worth a try!

  4. Love the knitted balls, and great work on the quilts! Love the snowflake quilt!

  5. I love your covid safe nutcracker! Great finish on your dolls quilts and those Christmas knitted decorations are great! Love the socks too!

  6. Your chirstmas balls are beautifull, I have knitted some christmas balls and every year I wonder if I should make some more. They are so much fun to make. Maybe this year, since we are in lock down I will have time to knit some more. But I also like to make quilts, so maybe I will do some sewing or just finish knitting the second sock for a new pair.