Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas balls and a special gift...

Looks like a good day to do a bit of extra slow stitching...dreary, rainy.

I've not done any applique for a while. I've been enjoying taking part in a knit-along hosted by knitting gurus, Arne and Carlos. 

It's an Advent project...knitting a Christmas ball every day from December 1st to the 24th. They knit up fairly quickly...I work on them during my morning coffee, and try to finish it off through the day at some point. 

Arne and Carlos do a short YouTube video every day to introduce the ball of the day, and share a story or two...usually relating to Norwegian or Swedish Christmas traditions. I usually knit along while watching their daily "Sit and knit for a bit" videos.  

I wish I had learned to knit the Norwegian way, it looks very efficient. I think I would have a hard time switching up my method after so many years of knitting the way that I do. I am gifting one of my son's some knitting needles and lovely yarn for Christmas so he can try his hand at knitting. I plan on teaching him....but I'll also suggest he try to start out using the Norwegian method. What is your preferred method???

Here are a few of my favourite Christmas far...

I'm quite disappointed in the white yarn I bought for these. The red and green are 100% wool...but there was no white in that particular brand. I was in a rush that day and picked up a white ball of yarn that had "Merino" in big bold letters on the label. After working with it a bit and not liking it I looked a bit closer at the label....10% merino wool, and 90% acrylic!! Lesson learned!

I will make more of these through the year from time to time but I will use some proper yarn that I actually have on backorder right now.

What I have enjoyed, also, with this project is the learning I have done along the way. For instance, the first batch of balls looked a bit 
"off" in my increases and decreases. I realised that I was doing it incorrectly, and actually learned a new-to-me way of increasing stitches. Nice!

I had such a nice surprise this week. I received a gift in the mail from Gail, a fellow can visit her HERE, The Cozy Quilter.

Gail had seen a picture I had posted on Instagram...

....and she says that the very next day she saw a pattern for a quilt block that reminded her of my picture. She decided to make it up and send it along to me as a surprise gift!

I love it!!!...

In these days of bad news on a ongoing basis, it sure makes one treasure the kindness that others show one another. Thanks again, Gail, xo. I think this "portrait of me from the knees down" (as you put it) will hang in my sewing room all year round!

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. I think I'll sit back with an extra cup of coffee and see what everyone else is working on today. 


  1. I’m so glad that you like your “portrait” was fun to make and I smiled to myself the whole time I was sewing it!
    Your Christmas balls are gorgeous! I will need to try making some one day. I am a slow knitter but getting better at it.

  2. Your knitted Christmas balls are beautiful, and the quilt block of you from the knees down is such a thoughtful gift.

  3. That knitting is extraordinary! Each one is a treasure!
    And I adore your fabric portrait (from the knees down LOL!) from Gail... such a fun surprise!
    Merry Christmas Sandra!

  4. I just saw that quilt on Gail's blog. Great picture of your holidays legs. Adorable Christmas balls too!

  5. I love your shoes - and the 'knees down' portrait. I've been seeing the Arne and Carlos videos popping up on my feed, and I may need to try my hand on some of those ornaments. Happy Christmas!

  6. I want those shoes!! AND.....those stockings/tights! Such fun. Oh my goodness, your little knitted Christmas balls are exquisite. They look tricky to knit. Love the sweet motifs on each one.

  7. Had seen your picture of the striped stockings and fancy shoes on Gail's blog, together with what she whipped up for you. Such a lovely friend I'm sure you were both thrilled and surprised with your sweet gift.