Sunday, November 11, 2018

Slow Sunday Basting Stitches

I was able to get caught up on my Save the Bees, block 3, this weekend.

I wonder if I should have taken the paper out of the hexies before appliqueing them onto the background? It would have made it a bit easier....I'll try it next time.

I really need to prep some applique...meanwhile I am prepping more English Paper Piecing for my Tula Nova...

I have this project packed in a little take-along case which made it handy to work a bit in the car on an outing to Brantford yesterday.

 I'm finding the basting difficult at the moment as the arthritis pain in my finger joints is really acting up lately. I wonder if weather really does play a role in arthritis? I tend to find that I have flare-ups when I don't watch what I eat, but then again, the weather for the last couple weeks has been mainly grey and damp. The swelling in my index finger is at an all time high....for years I've referred to this finger as Arthur....get it?..Arthur-itis?

Something came up this week about what people's favourite quilty tool is. I was at a loss, so just said my Karen Kay Buckley scissors.

As I sat stitching this morning I realised that I had a favourite that isn't the star of the show, but plays a supporting role in my applique....literally.

As long as I can remember, when I do my applique, I've had something resting on my lap to rest my work and hands on as I stitch. In the beginning it was an over-sized children's book, Lady and the Tramp. (Why do I remember such things, but not what I had for dinner last night!?)

Quite a few years ago, someone gave me a thank-you gift. It is a Clover product and you see it in every picture that I take of my hand-work. It's called the Clover Patchwork Board and I use it every day. 

One side is padded so you can use it to press your work, although I've never used that side. The other side has a leather flap that opens up to reveal a rough surface, which I hardly ever use....except for this past week.

I always forget about the rough, sandpaper-like surface....but it is awesome for tracing my EPP shapes on to the fabric...

Someone asked me once if I get sore wrists from all the applique, and I said I did not. I realised then that this board must help me in that respect, as I probably rest my hands on the board at regular intervals between stitching/pinning, etc., without really realising it.

I'd better get a move on....I'm having a run with my friend this morning in beautiful Waterford. I'm not sure it will be a good run as there hasn't been much time for it the last couple of weeks, but the sun is shining and that will make it a good run!

I am linking up today with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.

P.S.  By the way, in my my last post I mentioned a curiousity about Temperature Quilts. It turns out, there is great inspiration on Pinterest and I'm definitely going to put this on my to-do list for the new year. Check it out and hopefully you will want to join in! (and, yes, I have been called an enabler from time-to-time, as recently as this past week, bwahahaha!)


  1. Yes, the paper needs to come out before you applique them down. What I do is give the EPP a hard press before I unpick the basting and remove the papers. I don't use much steam, but really iron the edges. Then I baste the 'de-papered' motif onto the background. If you leave the paper in, they will disintegrate when you wash the quilt. For a wall hanging, it might not be too bad, but for a quilt that is to be used and occasionally laundered, I think you might want to go back and take them out.

    Cute quilt. I really like the bee trail block.

  2. The Clover Board sounds like a really helpful tool. I'm still fairly new to hand stitching, so it's good to find out what special items the experts use! I have actually seen a friend work on a wooden board with sandpaper on it. I'll have to tell her about yours!

  3. Your Bee blocks are charming! I use an embroidery pillow to help ease the strain on my wrists, shoulders and neck; same principle as your board, I'd imagine! :)

  4. OK, now need to hunt down that Clover Board!