Wednesday, November 21, 2018

An Observation...

I've made a couple of changes recently to the way my day unfolds.

An unexpected bonus is that I seem to have made a bit more time for piecing, which is nice because that has been sorely lacking for a couple of years.

I've made good progress on my One Monthly Goal for this month...which, to be honest, I thought I wouldn't find a bit of time for! 

For a few years I've needed a new Christmas tree skirt. I began nice and early this year at Retreat in May...but made an error, shoved it aside and promptly forgot about it.

Well, this week things are looking hopeful to actually finishing it in time for Christmas!

I love doing Lone Star quilts and haven't made one in a while. My last tree skirt was the same pattern. For a moment yesterday I thought it would be nice to hand-quilt this piece, but then I gave my head a shake....this will be on the floor, under a pile of Christmas presents....machine-quilting will suffice!

I've had time to do the odd bit of sewing on my "I Am Enough" quilt.

I put some of the pieces up on the design wall. The beauty of a large design wall....I didn't have to disturb the Farm Girl Vintage blocks that were already up...

This is when I made my observation.

 I've often said I've gone through the "fabric change of life", since the bulk of my work over the years has been "country" colours (think Debbie Mumm). Now, I gravitate to the bright, cheery modern fabrics. 

Part of me is sure that this happens, of course, because we are influenced by what is going on in the fabric world at any given time.

Over the years I've also often worked with 30's reproduction prints....and that's what I notice in the above picture. To me, the bright, cheerful, clear, modern fabrics of the I Am Enough project are very much the same mood as the 30's fabrics in the Farm Girl Vintage! 

As much as I'm sure that I am influenced by trend...the thought of the similarities of the two types of fabrics pleases me for some strange reason.

Finally, I have to do my part to enable others to look to a new project, don't I??? Bwahahaha!

In the past, I've enjoyed taking part in Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville mystery, which always starts the day after the American thanksgiving....which is this week.

The last couple of years I've held back, as it's usually my busy time of year as a longarm quilter.

I think I'll give it a go this year. The quilt is a bit smaller than the past years....and, as my friend has said, at least try to do a bit each week of that week's clue. 

So....have a look at the intro and see if it interests you. Bonnie's instructions are always very clear. The only year gave up on one was due to very unfortunate colour choices on my part.

You can see the introduction HERE. The quilt is called Good Fortune.

Today I am linking up with Lorna for Let's Bee Social, Susan for Midweek Makers, and Esther for WOW, WIPs on Wednesdays.

Have a lovely, quilty day!


  1. I finally made a new Christmas tree skirt last year...finished on dec 23rd! Your skirt will look great under the tree and should be done in plenty of time. My colour choices have changed over the years too.

  2. A lovely Christmas tree skirt in the works - you will definitely have this under the tree! Love Lone Star quilts - it has been years since I made one. Years from now, those who review my quilts will think - “boy she had a very narrow color palette - muddy colors, antique inspired and anything in red, cream and dark tan...” I do a more modern quilt once in awhile...but my heart lies in the 1800’s..

  3. Oh your tree skirt is stunning! I have never been brave enough to do a lone star-is it hard? Debbie Mumm-she was the reason I took to quilting and using a mat and rotary cutter-many, many moons ago! I still have several of her books. Thanks for bringing back those memories:)

  4. Love the tree skirt Sandra, my friend Sharon made me a silk one years ago all tied in gold threads, I cherish it. I have always wanted to do a Bonnie Hunter mystery, and again this year, it looks like fun, love the fact that it's a smaller quilt too, mmmmm, will have to think on this one.

  5. A very beautiful tree skirt for the tree this year - I know you'll get it done in time!