Monday, February 15, 2016

A cautionary tale.....or two!

Well, here it is Family Day!....but I find myself alone. 

Husband was asked to work and plans with the grandkids have fallen through.

That's all okay....I'm under the weather so would have cancelled plans myself anyway. I figure why not make it a sew day!! 

Cautionary tale #1

Anyone working on the 365 Quilt Challenge....don't let yourself get too far behind! I know that it's unavoidable sometimes, but in my case I just let it go for a couple of days, or so I thought.

I "thought" I was behind by maybe three days. (just typing that, I can hear my mother's voice saying, "you know what thought did!")

Well, it's taken me all morning, but here is what I've got sewn...
Awesome, right? Well, I still have two more to do to be caught I was definitely behind by more than a couple of days!

So for anyone out there taking part in this, try your best to keep up. Otherwise it takes a bit of time to catch up and it kinda takes the fun out of it, I think.

For myself, I may try to allot a certain time to do the day's right after breakfast.

Cautionary tale #2

Don't work on fiddly blocks when you're not feeling well!

Exhibit 1...

So cute!....but as soon I saw it through the camera lens it was clear I'd sewn it together wrong!

Luckily, an easy fix...
Exhibit 2...
This one went together beautifully. I was so looking forward to that dot fabric in this block. How discouraging that it really doesn't show well, I can hardly see the star!

Now, for this project I've told myself to just leave any "just ok" blocks. Really, in the grand scheme of things, in a quilt with over 360 blocks, will it matter if a couple of blocks don't shine????

This one I had to correct, I just couldn't leave it.

So much better...

Now its time for a bit of lunch. What do I feel like in my misery?....the comfort food of childhood illness....
Luckily I found a can way back in the pantry. So maybe a bowl of soup and a hot cup of tea and some couch time. 

I look forward to this evening. My husband makes a wicked hot toddy!!!


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