Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dreary, Fall day,.....but that's ok!

One of many reasons that it's a great thing to have a hobby like quilting.....when you're feeling under the weather and it's a downright dreary day, you can put a few extra stitches into your applique than you normally would!

This week I've prepared the next border section of Auntie Green's Garden. It's quite a different textured background fabric. I like it! Having different background fabrics in a project helps keep interest up, in my opinion.

So a good start....

....and here is a reminder of how the quilt looks so far....

Actually, the picture of the whole centre medallion seems to be missing! So this whole centre section is complete.....I'll find that picture at a later date!....and the new part I've started will be attached along the left side.

I'm not one to applique in the evenings, but I think I'll go and do just that!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day!

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