Sunday, July 12, 2015

Busy times!

What a busy time it's been....hardly time to do anything, but still managing a bit of applique in the mornings....

Our wedding day was finally upon us last weekend and we couldn't have asked for better weather. I think the only think to go wrong was forgetting to put out munchies later in the, not bad!

Here are a couple of pictures of everything set up and waiting for guests....

.....and some lovely wine glasses we received as a wedding gift......

We also received a beautiful hydrangea from my sister. She had picked it out and then realized it's name was Blushing Bride!

One thing that was a hit was putting out this large picture frame....guests were encouraged to hold the frame up and take fun pictures of themselves. Lots of fun!

I just want to include this picture of myself, daughter and new daughter-in-law. The girls were such a huge help in pulling this off.

We've had a fun week of holiday....we have Scottish house-guests for two weeks and have been going here and there in Southern Ontario.....Niagara-on-the-Lake, Waterford, to name a few. Of course, we have done a few of the Niagara wineries...

Next week, our guests will stay a couple of days at Niagara Falls. I'm trying to think of a couple of other things to do before they head back to Scotland. Yesterday we made our way to the St Jacob's Market. We ended up taking the scenic route which resulted in an hour longer drive than expected so we didn't see as much of the market as we had hoped!

I did come across something though. One of our visitors was telling us about a kitchen gadget that she uses everyday that I'd never heard about. It's a garlic grater and you can see it HERE. Izzy says she uses it everyday. It's got little nubbies on it that aren't sharp at all, and you get a lovely garlic past in no time. There are many uses for it.....parmesan, nutmeg, ginger,etc.....I can't wait to give it a try. I wish I had picked one up for everyone for Christmas. It's funny how sometimes you've never heard of something and then right away you come across it again!

On a personal note....I've had a rough few days. I've developed some sort of infection and have landed in ER for a couple of evenings to get antibiotics by intervenus and some heavy-duty pain medications. Last night they gave me a shot of morphine before sending me home...I'd never had morphine before, so I was tucked straight into bed when I got home and felt like I was sleeping on a cloud all night, lol !

Being on painpills has affected my stitching a bit, I think. I was going to put it aside for a few days, but figured I would choose not to mind my awkward-looking appliqued circles....I still find comfort in starting my day with my applique, so when I see these circles in the future it will just remind me of this busy wedding time! (sorry for the fuzzy pic, must be the morphine!)

So here is how my Auntie Green's Garden looks now....I'm so close to being done this section, how exciting!

Visit Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts to see what others are stitching on today!

Tony and Izzy thought it was fun that they came all the way from Scotland and are here in a picture with the sign for Scotland, Ontario!

Have a great day!

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