Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Flower Gardens and hula girls!

It's so difficult to have the discipline to get back into the working mode after my vacation...but I know it's like that for most people. I wish I had another week just to play in the sewing room! The nice part is being able to meet up with all my quilters as new quilts come in and others get picked of the many things I enjoy about what I get to do in my "job".

I must say, by afternoon I'm pooped. I think it's a combination of the anti-climax of all the planning for the well as being on antibiotics and painkillers for a good part of the past month. Today I will be productive, though!!! lol

I would like to prepare the next part of Auntie Green's Garden, which consists of yards and yards of brown bias stems. I took a drive to Quilt Junction in Waterford to stock up on a few fat quarters to add to this project. Here they are just waiting to be pressed...

My goal was to get a few more browns and a couple of brighter colours to perk the piece up a bit.

While in limbo with AGG I picked up a block of my Flower Garden to stitch at this morning. I really like this block and I think I only have to do three more to have the 24 blocks complete. Then on to the busy border, I can't wait! These blocks are large, but they work up so quickly.

Lastly, I've decided to resurect an old Wee Houses project. This is a hand-piecing project started in 2013, I think. The goal was to complete one house per day so at the end of a year I'd have a lovely house quilt. Here is a block, 3.5" finished.....

.....and here is a section that has been done now for a long while....

....and I have to show the first block that I pieced in this project. The fun of this is to find different tiny fabrics to fussy-cut for the windows!....

Cute, huh???

I'm going to keep this UFO out and make it what I will work on when I'm getting together for handwork with my quilting friends. It won't get done quickly but I'll be happy if I make some progress on this quilt.

Have a great day!

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