Sunday, February 2, 2020

The brain is a mysterious thing....

Something strange happened this week.

A few years ago now I had been working on a quilt called Auntie Green's Garden, by Irene Blanck.

I loved it and I loved working on it....until I didn't. 

About a year ago I asked myself the tough question....did I really think I would get back to working on this quilt?? The answer was "no". 

I actually felt a little relief in letting myself off the hook. I figured I would just quilt up what I had completed so far and call it a quilt.

What a shame :(

Fast forward to this past week...I really haven't thought of Auntie Green in a long while and, for some reason, it popped into my head and I said to myself that this quilt really deserved to be finished in it's entirety.

Where the heck did that come from?...who knows. Like I said in the title of this post, the brain can be so mysterious. 

Here is the quilt as it was left, a long time ago...

So, there is a floral border on the top and bottom to do, then a vine thing around the final border. So close!

I think I'll put aside other applique until this one is done. 

There is one problem though.

When I put this quilt aside, it gave me freedom to get rid of fabrics that I wasn't so much interested in anymore....which are a lot of the fabrics needed for this quilt. I hope I can "make do" with what I have left in my stash.

I wish I knew how women in the past... or even now...would hand-quilt a crosshatch pattern on their quilts without it getting all wonky. I imagine that kind of quilting on this quilt....and the enjoyment I would get out of stitching it. 

I'll have ask Dr.  Google!

(I've taken a minute to look up this quilt on my blog...and it has indeed been at least 4 years since I contemplated working on it)

I had plans to do a long run this morning, but it's snowing pretty good here at the moment (hmmmm, an unexpected sew day??). I think I'll delay my run until tomorrow and actually do a bit of prep-work on Auntie Green's Garden...then I'll know that this is a real thing and not just a wish...sounds like a plan, right?

This morning I completed the binding on my Temperature Quilt 2019...

If you'd like to see the completed quilt, have a look HERE...I wrote a post about it on Friday. 

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching, and with Cynthia for Oh, Scrap!


  1. this is a beautifully appliqued quilt! WOW--I would never be able to tackle one like that--I'll bet you can find fabric that will compliment what you have already done..hugs, Julierose

  2. It's beautiful, sometimes you just need a (long) break from a project and have the guilt taken off and suddenly it appeals again :-) If it starts to be a chore again you could always just do the top and bottom border and leave the outer vine :-)

  3. Too beautiful to stay hidden. I understand your feelings though as I have been there. Long, long term project sometimes feels that way. Maybe the love can be rekindle. Good luck. ;^)

  4. Beautiful quilt. I sometimes need a long break too. It is too beautiful to be hidden away!

  5. Oh my goodness, yes to finishing up that lovely quilt with all your beautiful applique!

  6. Wonderful decision! You have so much done and it is a stunning pattern so I vote for finishing it too (for what that's worth). Good luck with your fabric hunt.

  7. Your brain must have just come back around and been ready to consider that beautiful quilt again! It definitely will be an amazing finish. I love your temperature quilt, too - such a great design!

  8. This is such a beautiful quilt! She's certainly not a quilt to rush through. Hope you can find enough of the fabrics or find good substitutes. I have this pattern and often take it out and look it. This is a long term project, maybe, someday. . . . .?

  9. How wonderful that you have decided to finish such a beautiful quilt after all this time. I am sure that you will be able to find fabrics that will work. You will be glad that you did.

  10. Hope you will continue this beatifull applique quilt. It is a beaty!

  11. So glad that Auntie Green will get attention again. It is a beautiful quilt!

  12. Hi,
    Beautiful quilt...good for you for getting it out and working on it again. It's way too pretty to linger in a drawer. Have a great day!

  13. Oh, I'm so glad you're giving Auntie Green's Garden another chance. You've got most of it done already. It's beautiful. I started the Roseville Album quilt and only got half of a panel done before I put it away. 5 years later I got it out and had all kinds of enthusiasm for it. It took quite a while but I didn't give up and it's a finished top.

  14. I am happy to see you are getting back to this quilt. It is amazing! Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  15. How wonderful you have decided to work on this beautiful quilt again. What you have done thus far is incredible. So much gorgeous stitching has gone into this beauty. Happy stitching.

  16. So glad you back in the attack mode. If you have never crosshatched an applique quilt you really should plan on it. It is the most fun type of quilts to hand quilt and not hard at all since your are stitching with the bias!

  17. Sometimes our quilts are pretty demanding, aren't they?!? I've been working on a small quilt for a class I'm taking. I'd already added four block and was considering adding four more. But then I decided to just be done with it. Only the quilt wouldn't let me. It told me in no uncertain terms that it would not be finished properly and I'd never feel good about it, unless I added those final four blocks. LOL! I think it's a good sweet quilt is a stunner and the borders add so much to it! :)

  18. So happy to see you are back at it. It is simply stunning. I like your fabric choices. I hope it holds your interest for a bit longer!

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