Sunday, February 9, 2020

Lazy Sundays

I feel like it's been a lazy day...not sure why, as I just took some time this morning to finish up a quilt on the longarm. 

I don't usually work on a Sunday but this week may turn itself a bit upside-down, so I thought it was a good idea to get a head-start on the week.

I did start my day, however, as always.....with a bit of hand-stitching.

I've been taking part in an easy Instagram sewalong called #scrapbagsampler. When the sewalong is done there will be a tutorial on making a little tote of some kind with the blocks.

The block I completed today is the hexie give you an idea of scale, it measures 2.5x6.5. None of the blocks have taken very long at all. I especially liked learning the wonky star with the two fabrics in the star points, and I liked the curvy one.

I've been taking part in a knit-along, also, learning two-at-a-time socks on 9" circular needles. You have to post a picture of each step before getting the next set of instructions.

These are pretty basic socks, but you have to make these in order to progress to the more intricate ones. 

Much to my surprise, I have liked working on these short needles. I didn't think any method would beat out DPN's for me. Live and learn.

I just had a few rows to knit this morning to get me up to where I needed to be.

Then I switched over to my applique....what a productive morning!....although the first two projects didn't actually take too long at all.

I want to finish the Animal Album blocks that have been started before deciding what will come next.

The squirrel still needs to be is on the original background that I had started with before changing my mind.

That's all for now. I think I'll spend a bit of time in the sewing room.

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. Sooo many pretty fabrics to brighten one's days. All your projects on the go are oozing fabulous colour and pattern. Love the wonky star and your Animal Blocks are amazing. Love the sweet kangaroo and the elegant swans. Fabulous socks, too.

  2. Wow, I wish I could make multiple projects at the same time. My natural tendency is to work one from start to (almost - as in quilting it) finished. I am attempting a BOM and a block-of-the-week for the first time. In the meantime I have 10 quilt tops to quilt on my sewing machine.

  3. I didn't realize they made 9 inch circular needles. I never minded working with the double point but my mom taught me to use 5 needles and many Americans just use 4. Your animal blocks are very nice. Loving seeing all that color on a dreary day here!

  4. Lots of pretty and colorful projects going on here! Your socks are really pretty. I bet they'll be soft and comfy, too! Your squirrel is darling ... I'm sorry you have to redo him. :)

  5. Your colour choices are fabulous - lovely and bright. I really like the swan design

  6. I love seeing all your projects, especially the applique. When I read that you are going to redo the squirrel block, does this mean you are going to remove all the applique and put it onto the other background? So much work!! Since the only difference is that you have to cut out all the little pieces again, could you use the squirrel block for a pillow? The background is quite pretty, and if you did not want to keep it for your own enjoyment, it would make a treasured gift for some lucky person!!

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