Sunday, July 15, 2018

Almost a real quilt...

I'm spending some time today sewing the binding down on my grandson's birthday quilt...

I know people like doing the binding, but I'm not one of them....but it does mean the quilt is almost finished!

I tried quilting it with wavy lines which seems to be popular lately and I do like the effect. I don't know why it's such a difficult thing for me to do though! The last third of the quilt certainly doesn't look the same as the first third....I think I was finally catching on to how to make it look a bit better. I find it hard to make the wavy lines look "random".

Once it's done I'll give it a wash with some colour catchers to see if I can get rid of the marks on the quilt, of which you can read about HERE.


I hope to find time today to do some prep-work for more applique. 

I finished another block this week for Simple Folk.....

I was a little nervous of the execution of this block, but I love how it turned out in the end!

This week I also tweaked a couple of blocks that were bothering me. I switched out the purple leaves on the upper block that seemed to blend in too much, and I changed my swans. I'm much happier with the results....

On a gardening note.....I think this is our second year attempting to grow garlic, if not our third, and we finally have success!

How funny though....I'm not one to like pictures of myself but this garlic made me so happy I think it really shows in the picture :)

A nice harvest, and will try to grow more next year.

This week I'll watch some YouTube videos so I can learn to braid the garlic.

Today I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Have a wonderful Summer's day and try to stay cool!


  1. I love doing the binding on a quilt! Random is hard to do but gets easier the more you do. Your simple folk blocks are vibrant! Love the improvements to the flower and swan blocks. I will be doing some gardening today and then some slow stitching in my gazebo later on. Take care! Gail

  2. I too like to get that binding done as then the quilt is finished and ready to use - well as soon as it is washed that is! -- lovely finish

  3. Funny how random can be difficult, heh. Looks wonderful to me though, what a great gift. I really like the colours of your Simple Folk. Kudos on your gardening success!

  4. Next year I hope to grow some garlic! Any pointers? This year is planning the yard which is why I can't have much of a garden, not that I do much of any vegetable gardening anymore because it's all so available and cheap around here. LOVE your appliqué, just so in awe of it. And yes wavy quilting is harder than it appears definitely a rhythm. I find I do two lines far apart and then go between them which seems to give it a bit more random look. :-)

  5. It's funny how having gardening or stitching success makes us feel so darn happy!
    It's amazing how your intuitive colour sense tells you what to change in your blocks ... the changes you made are amazing... I keep looking back and forth at the photos to admire each change and wonder why it was so effective!?!?