Friday, July 27, 2018

100 Days 100 Blocks....again!

The Summer days have been passing by so quickly that it's been difficult to sit down and do any posting here.

In 2016 I took part in a daily sewalong on Instagram to make the Tula Pink City Sampler quilt. I enjoyed it so much and love the quilt... I was so tempted to join in again last year but resisted the proud :)

So, this month they started again and I was back and forth....then Day 1 came and I jumped in. There are 100 simple but awesome blocks and we are supposed to post a block a day for a 100 days. You can see all the wonderful blocks on Instagram using the hashtag #100days100blocks.

Here is my quilt from 2016.....

This time I am challenging myself to be very subtle with just a little bit of colour once in a while. Here are a couple of my blocks....

....and here are the first 20 blocks all together....

I think it's going to work!


 We've had a nest of barn swallows above the front door for the past while...what a mess! We did try to deter them at first, but they won and set up camp.

The baby birds took many days of perching like this before finally getting up the nerve to fly the coop...

In this picture you can see one of the baby birds and it's momma or papa on a branch not far from our front door..

This morning I finished the next block in my Simple Folk BOM. I think I'll take a break for a couple of days and do a couple of my Dutch Treat blocks.

That's all for today....gotta get going to get my car checked out. For once, in a long time, we have absolutely no plans for the weekend so you know what that means!!!.....I can finally paint my dining room. I'm so excited!

Today I am linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?.


  1. I enjoyed seeing your baby swallow pictures. Your applique block is gorgeous, too! I don't do QAL projects anymore as I can never keep up and I just end up feeling guilty and inadequate. Maybe someday when my teenage toddlers are finally out of my house and fending for themselves, like those fledgling swallows! Right now it's all I can do to feed my 6' babies, get them where they need to go, and lay down the law like a prison warden when the situation warrants. ;-)

  2. love the little birds - I had a nest with baby's in it and two days after I discovered them they were gone! they had been out of the nest on a ledge so I assume they were ready to fly away. Love quilts I don't do QAL as I never stay caught up - I work on too many things at once.

  3. I like the colours for your new QAL. It is going to be stunning! Simple folk is amazing! Enjoy your "relaxing" weekend.

  4. Good morning Sandra, wow! I love the QAL, you just amaze me that you have so many on the go. I have one and can hardly keep up. Let me know if you need any "cute" fabrics for your QAL, I'm sure I could dig some up for you. Love the scissors.

  5. Here's me thinking you're going to say "quilting up a storm" this weekend! Not painting! Though that will be gratifying too. :-) Love that first quilt, just WOW. This second one is so interesting, and I love the swallows pics!

  6. We have a robin’s nest with babies in it in our backyard right now. It is fun to watch the mother flitting back and forth, trying to keep them fed. That mud nest is a feat of engineering! I like your new 100 block quilt, neutral with just a touch of colour here and there.