Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rabbits and Spiderwebs

I've had good progress on Down the Rabbit Hole this week. Some other projects are being put on the back-burner nowadays so I can focus on my hand-quilting. 

I know....lots of pictures. I've been taking a daily picture and "journal-ing" my progress on Instagram. I'm doing this as a tool to stay motivated and on-track. So, I apologize to my friends on Instagram for DTRH overload but I think it's helping me to achieve my goal!

Yesterday I searched through my old stencils hoping to find an idea of what to quilt inside the rabbits. They are quite large and need some quilting, for sure. 

I didn't find what I wanted but I did come across a spiderweb stencil. There are four blank 4" blocks on the quilt that have had me stumped and I thought I'd see how this stencil would work.

This was part of this morning's stitching... it!!!

The picture is of the back of the quilt since my air-erasable marker hasn't disappeared yet on the front of the quilt and I thought this would show the effect in a nicer way.

Well, gotta run....literally! Have a lovely day!

I am linking up with Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Have a look and see what others are slowly stitching today :)


  1. wonderful quilting - your stitches are so nice and neat - do what you need to do to stay motivated I say!

  2. Beautiful photos!
    I sure hope I get to see this quilt in real life!!

  3. I love the rabbits on the background fabric...I don’t think I noticed them before!

  4. I love the spider web! Fun and unexpected.

  5. The more I see this quilt the more I love it - everything about it. Those fabrics are just beautiful.