Wednesday, March 28, 2018

One Monthly Goal, among other things

It feels like I haven't done much in the way of posting on my blog lately....the days just seem to fly by sometimes.

I'm still plugging away on my Down the Rabbit Hole during my morning coffee-time. I've been determined that it will be done in time for our quilt show at the beginning of May. Yesterday I almost put it aside...but soon realised that I've finished maybe 85-90%, so I should keep at it!

I have completed my One Monthly Goal for March. My goal was to finish the quilt that I started at a workshop in February.

I did like the pattern we learned about in this workshop, was just not thrilled with my fabric choices. You can read a bit about it HERE

I was actually going to ditch the project into the garbage (that's how much I didn't like it!) when my husband remarked on the blocks that were on the design wall. I ended up making this quilt my monthly goal as there wasn't going to be too much work involved and figured, in the end, it could at least be used as a picnic quilt or something to that effect.

A couple of blocks...

Almost done...

Top finished, and made the decision that this would be it, no borders...

I chose some fun modern quilting...

The binding is done, now it just needs the handsewing...

In the end, I've warmed up to it a bit, lol! I think I'll try selling it in the boutique at our Quilt Show to make a bit of spending money for when I go to the East Coast this Summer.


I took part in a Fabric Postcard exchange lately. Now that the recipient has received her postcard I can share the details.

The exchange was arranged by Elm Street Quilts. The postcard I made was destined for a quilter in Texas....her desired theme was "bright".

I've never made a fabric postcard and was a bit nervous but the process was fun and quick. There are plenty of tutorials out there on You Tube.

The theme for the postcard I received was "houses" and came from a quilter in Texas....

I love it and love all the detail she put into this postcard. I still have it on display!


I've finished this month's step in the BOM from the PEI Modern Quilt Guild Mystery Quilt...

These blocks are pretty sweet and I can't wait to see how this all goes together in the end!


I'll finish up with two things I've learned good and one bad.

I've recently worked on clients' quilts that have a wonderful 1/4" inner border. What a great way to add interest without doing a "flange"...

There is a trick to this and I will be doing this on one of my own quilts this Summer. 

The "bad" is when I used a Chaco-liner to mark a bit of quilting lines on my Down the Rabbit Hole this month and the marks are not disappearing. 

I'm pretty bummed about it. The fortunate thing is that I didn't use this marking chalk elsewhere on the quilt.

One more picture....of me at the end of the 5k portion of the Around the Bay Road Race this past weekend in Hamilton....

It was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it again next year as a 3-man relay for the 30k. 

The funny thing is that at the beginning of the race it was like it is every time. My legs are tight and I wonder what the heck I think I'm a runner?....then around the 2k mark things seem a bit better and I'm in the groove.

In April, our running club in Port Dover starts the new season of Learn to Run. I encourage anyone to give this a just might surprise yourself....I know I did!!!.....and you'll make some new friends as a bonus.

Well, this has certainly turned out to be a lengthy post! Hope you've lasted this long to see that I'm linking up with .....

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  1. Great quilt top - it came out wonderful. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  2. I enjoy catch up posts. Lots to take in. Chaco Liner: Me, too. The yellow was the most difficult I've dealt with. Advance with caution. It's tough to keep all the different directions straight whether they say disappears with heat, spritz with water, sets with heat, yadayada. Disturbing when it's a special quilt, and gosh, aren't they all?

    I buy older quilting books more than new these days because they seem to have more information, and I'm leaning toward some of the traditional techniques. Sally Collins book, Borders, Bindings & Edges is really a sleeper. A real powerhouse of good stuff! The theory of small borders down to 1/4" is really explored, and I'm trying one right now. It sounds like you're not a fan of the flange. As a long armer, I detest them, that narrow border transition looks good to me.

    Last of all, thanks for sharing a real you-in-the-moment picture. We've discussed running behind the scenes just to explain, and it was really fun to see you in your other element. A healthy balance from all those hours we sit and sew. Congratulations on your race!

  3. You're quilt came out well, with a great idea to sell it and get some spending money. And an adorable postcard too!

  4. So many wonderful projects going on! Congrats on finishing a quilt that you didn't really like. I've been doing that this month too.
    And congrats on the road race! An amazing accomplishment!
    There is as much likelihood that I will become the next prime minister as me becoming a runner! LOL

  5. Down the Rabbit Hole and the Post Card are my favorite. For me, the one that you did not care for is just to busy for me to settle down with. It reminds me of when my mind will not settle down on one thing at a time - you know Multi tasking - Hey maybe you can name the quilt Multi-Tasking!

  6. I am glad that you listened to hubby. A lovely result. I feel your pain with the marker.

  7. NEVER EVER toss quilt blocks in the bin! Donate them to some quilt charity or guild silent auction! OR just get on with finishing the quilt yourself... that's good too!

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