Saturday, January 13, 2018


This month the colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is light and medium blue.

As an added bonus, we are offered a quilty project, Squared Away, to do.  

There are sixteen half-square triangles used in this month's block. I happened to come across my stash of Thangles and thought this would be a good opportunity to use them...

I plan on making three blocks each month, and have two done so far...

I like them! Although, I'm not sure I'll continue to use the Thangles. They are a good method, but I can get the same result with the Easy Angle ruler. By using the ruler I skip the step of removing the papers from the Thangles. I'll have a think about it.

Of course, my other project for the RSC18 is to construct three birds per month from the Black Birds pattern designed by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts that I wrote about HERE

Adorable....I think I'll try to get another done this weekend.


I've also completed Clue #5 for the PEI MQG Mystery quilt....

This step used a nifty trick on trimming the rectangles so that are cut just right...see how the seam doesn't run directly corner-to-corner? There was a suggested video to watch to learn the technique which was a huge help!


I think I've been holed up too long in the house because of all the crazy weather lately....I feel like an outing today. 

The Ice Wine Festival in Niagara started this week, so we may plan on a nice drive down to our favourite winery, Kacaba Vineyards and Winery, and sample the food/wine pairing. 

It's too easy for me to become a hermit in the least I can take solace in the fact that we'll be looking forward to Spring in two months, right?

I am linking up with SoScrappy for ScrapHappy Saturday and linking this post to the PEI Mystery Quilt-along post. Also, for the first time, I am linking with Sew Can She for Show Off Saturday.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!


  1. A nice variety of projects here. I had to laugh at you wanting an outing because I DO NOT want there's a bunch of snow and ice out there this morning, ugh !! :)

  2. Great projects! This little bird is so cute, I love it, your RSC quilt will be fabulous! The first one too, of course ;)

  3. Your squared away blocks are so pretty, and I love the bird, too! I've been wanting to make Lorna's bird quilt for a long time. It will be fun to see those birds in lots of different colors!

  4. Such a cute little bird! Last year for the RSC I made a bunch of cats...I'm putting this bird on notice as a 2019 TAX maybe. A whole quilt of those would be so sweet! (I really should stop reading about what everyone else is 2019 list is going to be unbearable and it's not even halfway through January 2018!)

  5. The fabrics in your Squared Away blocks are gorgeous! It looks like you’re having lots of fun. I’m doing birds each month, too, but a different pattern. So I’ll definitely following along with your progress!

  6. I realize you may have made a design choice, but the corners on your left squared away block are backwards. Sorry I don't know how to respond except as anonymous.

  7. Oh, those birds are going to be soooo cute!

  8. Your blocks are beautiful. I’m an easy angle ruler fan too. Removing paper always seems like too much work.

  9. I love the birds as a RSC quilt! That is going to be so cute! And that first one looks great.

  10. Cute blocks! I really like the easy angle ruler. :)

  11. That little bird is just so adorable. Love your RSC blocks too.

  12. The little bird is adorable...the tiny eye really gives it personality.

  13. Love your fabric - my favorite colors! The red is beautiful, so striking.
    I am loving our South Texas deep freeze this winter after nothing but 100's for 4 months this past summer. But understand the need to get out. Have a good outing. (I think I am late in posting)