Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Days

I'm excited this week to have one of my own quilts on the longarm this week.

This is my "Happy Days" quilt, the 2016 BOM designed by Sarah Fielke. I completed the top at a Retreat last Spring and had hoped to have it quilted in time for Fall Fair season, but that did not happen.

I mounted the quilt on the weekend...

...and started the stitch-in-the-ditch sewing yesterday. There's only one problem, I wrenched my back on Sunday and am not able to stand for any length of time, so my work at the longarm is minimal.

At least when I do custom-quilting I can lean on the rails of the longarm :/

Being a bit laid-up means a bit of extra applique time, and some time sewing the final border for my Down the Rabbit Hole!

I'm on track to having this one completed by the end of the month!!

The final border is a 6" pieced border. There's always a moment when you hold your breath wondering if a long, pieced border will actually fit.

And, guess what?....this one went on so beautifully!....

I have only six more leaves to applique to the opposite applique border (tomorrow morning!), then once I finish piecing the other three borders it will all be sewn together. I can hardly believe it!

Today I am linking up with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social, and with Susan at Quilt Fabrication for Midweek Makers.


  1. What a fabulous quilt! It looks incredible. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. You inspire me! Both quilts are amazing! Hope your back gets better quickly!

  3. that is a pretty quilt - you should have fun quilting it - I am curious having a 3 roller hand quilting frame I know about how long it takes me to quilt - how long does it generally take you to quilt a quilt this size?

  4. This is so beautiful! I really love that bunny block.

  5. Hooray! I know how wonderful it feels to be so close to the end. I really love it. The backgrounds and scrappy leaves are great!

  6. Both projects are goreous, the first one is just spectacular!

  7. I love that applique hare or rabbit. It's a stunning quilt, I can't wait to see it finished!

  8. I am anxious to see the completely finished Down the Rabbit Hole! Such beautiful work! I think January is the month to ruin one's back! I over extended the Sacroiliac Joint - having just so much fun!!!! I do hope you get better soon. This is so frustrating.

  9. Awesome quilt you've got on the frame, and congrats on the border fitting on Down the Rabbit Hole - can't wait for the finish!

  10. Happy Days is such a fun quilt! I'm sorry about your back - I know it's frustrating when the body keeps us from concentrating on certain work. Your Rabbit Hole is absolutely gorgeous. I'm looking forward to getting to work on mine Sunday. Ready to start the bunny border!