Tuesday, October 24, 2017

PEI Mystery, Clue #2

Well, today it's finally starting to feel like Autumn.

The bit of rain we had last night brought down a ton of leaves...but still lots to come!

The days certainly fly by. I've still got this week to finish my monthly goal....not sure that's gonna happen. I did manage to squeeze in Clue #2 of the PEI MQG mystery...

Easy-peasy....ready for Month 3!

For my morning applique, I've been poking away at the sunflower blocks for my Down The Rabbit Hole...

Here is a one of the corner blocks....all that's needed are the leaves...

...and here is a corner block I was working on the other day....can anyone see the problem???......

As you may know, I took up running a little over a year ago. I'm still really enjoying it, although I'm not sure I'll ever be a long distance runner....we'll see.

I am training lately for my first official 10k race in a little over a week. Should be fun and is being held in the east end of Hamilton not far from where I grew up.

I've experienced some beautiful scenery the last couple of weeks while out on my long runs....one of the great benefits of running.

I ran a 5k in Caledonia on the Thanksgiving weekend. With the Scottish roots of that town, we were encouraged to dress the part. Not many did....but I found I quite enjoyed running in a kilt!

I even had my own kilt pin from when I was a little girl! I enjoyed running in a kilt....next time will be at the Robbie Burns race in January.

I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social,  and with Quilt Fabrication for Midweek Makers.

Well, back to work for me....have a great day!


  1. I sure love the colours your are using for your Rabbit Hole... it will be a spectacular quilt! I admire you so much for your commitment to running. I have a hard time making myself go outside for a walk regularly!

  2. Kudos to you for taking up running, and to train for a 10K! I'm lucky if I can do 3 miles a couple times a week. Just more of a swimmer than a runner. Love how Rabbit Hole is coming along - you have certainly expanded it!

  3. Thanks for the PEIMQG shout out!!! I love the fabrics you are using . I have a bundle of that line set aside for a future (If I can ever get around to cutting it).

  4. Great to see the scenery near where I grew up! Thanks for joining us on the PEIMQG Mystery Quilt Along. You blocks look great! I think you must be asking a trick qquestion re the corner block as I think it is lovely...and if it is not for the front, keep it as a label for the back.