Sunday, July 23, 2017

(Un)Stitching on a Sunday

On Friday I was feeling sorry for my progress on my Dutch Treat can read about it here and even a few days earlier here.

I was definitely ready to call it quits, especially after I'd had a few messages from others who have started and not finished this quilt!

I don't know why I thought to try one more block....but give it a hit of spray starch first.

Right away things were going better...

Wow, a nice smooth curve with none of the dreaded fraying that I've had problems with!

I'm quite impressed so far, especially after having so many frustrations!....

I guess I'll keep at it for a bit, but next block I'll be sure to pick one that has some inner corners. Those are what give me the most aggravation, so we'll see if the starch helps with those.

I know people say that starch attracts silverfish. Is that only in certain parts of the world??? I know my husband starches his shirts and we haven't had a problem here.

Here is the finished block, I'm quite happy with it!....

As for the un-stitching on this Sunday morning.....

A couple of weeks ago I'd finished the four of these blocks needed for my Down the Rabbit Hole...

They've been up on the design wall as I've been constructing the houses for this round...

It was only yesterday that I realised that I used the wrong background fabric for these four blocks. Maybe I could have left them, but it really won't take much to make it right.

So, bring on the seam ripper...

Hopefully, if I'm careful, I can re-use the applique pieces.

On Saturday I started getting things organised for the Guild Retreat Day that's to be held on Tuesday.

I've decided to get back to the Freefall Sew-along that was offered by Sandra at Musings of a Menopausal Melon back in the early Spring...

I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

Our little Minnie is only a couple of weeks from expecting her puppies. She's been acting a bit odd lately, so I thought maybe we should make up her nesting box to see if that would help. She jumped right in before we'd even finished and made herself at home...

I wonder if I have her dates wrong...I don't think so, but we'll see. I figure around the first of August. 

A friend of mine makes little beds for dogs using her smallest snippets of fabric as stuffing. I've been saving mine, but have nowhere nearly enough to make beds for the new puppies to take to their forever homes. 

Maybe some of my more local friends could save their bits and pieces in the next month and give them to me at the September guild meetings to recycle? It would be greatly appreciated!

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching, then I think I'll go take a little while longer to do some stitching...and un-stitching. I am also liking with Cynthia for Oh, Scrap!.


  1. we have never had problem with silver fish from spray starch - I know many years ago when I was growing up people would mention that and to be careful with it but I have never seen them. I wonder if starch is made differently now? good luck on your blocks - I used batiks and never starched -maybe that would have helped

  2. Unstitching time for me this weekend too! It must be contagious! I am loving the down the rabbit hole quilts I have been seeing, yours included!


  3. Love the cherry block! So glad you decided to give Dutch Treat another chance!

  4. I never have a silver fish problem with spray starch. Of course, I usually wash the starch out eventually and I don't store starched item. I have a bed skirt that I starch each Summer, but when I store it over the Winter I make sure it is washed first. Sorry about the unstitching. Down the Rabbit Hole is looking great!

  5. That cherry block is adorable! In fact all your projects look great. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Your blocks look great - even before the unstitching! (I spent my unstitching time on a paper-pieced block the other day. Oh, what a headache!)
    Your little pupper looks adorable in her box!

  7. I love those blocks and the background fabric!
    Hopefully you had some fun stitching as well today!

  8. You always seem to find a way to get past your problem. Spray starch was the answer. Would something like Best Press also work. I have lots and lots of snippets. How big do you want the beds? I've been waiting for a chance to use them up.

  9. Good morning Sandra, I will gladly share my snippets with you, I have lots as I haven't been making any beds of late. I also have some little prints for your houses too. I will bring them in August when I drop off my next quilt.

  10. Love the progress on the Rabbit Hole. Looks like spray starch did the trick!

  11. Lots going on! i know what you mean by taking the few minutes to rip and make it right; you won't regret it! Ah! Love once again seeing those gorgeous beauties you picked for Freefall!

  12. Your appliqué is gorgeous. And I really like your version of Downvthe Rabbit Hile. Best wishes to your pup!