Friday, July 21, 2017

This is supposed to be fun!

I'm still moaning about my Dutch Treat applique sorry!

This morning I finished up this block...

I realised as I was trying so hard to take some nice stitches without the fraying that seems to happen that I was gritting my teeth. 

That's when the thought struck me.....this is what I do for fun and because I enjoy it!!!! I gave myself permission to call this one done.

So out of the 196 or so blocks needed, I have nine :(

Then I stuck the nine up on the design wall to take a picture....

Darn it all, don't they look pretty???

Maybe I'll compromise and do a block occasionally when the mood strikes.

I hope you are having a more satisfying time with your stitching this week than I am.

Today I am linking up with Busy Hands Quilts for Finished or Not Friday.


  1. I tried to do this quilt also and I just found all the fraying a chore even though I used batiks for this quilt - I should have tried enlarging the blocks perhaps - I made about 20+ blocks and alternated them with a blank square and made a table topper out of them and said enough and moved on to another project. I wasn't pleased with the end results at all but the color's are kind of Xmasy so it comes out on the table in December

  2. They really are quite lovely blocks. I personally think I should enjoy a project. If I find myself not enjoying a project, I often find a quick way to finish with what I've got and move on to the next project. Have a great weekend! --Andrea

  3. I tried Dutch treat a few years back and have the background fabric which is red and blue!!!! The problem is the top fabric is always fraying. I should have gone for Batiks. They do not frey. I gave up at the time and went on to other quilts. I wonder if my reproduction fabric would work better! The pattern is frustrating if the top fabric frays and I think this is why so many quilters buy the book, try it and say - not for me. I would love to start it up again if I could find some white/tone on tone that would not frey. Maybe a P&B basic....Hummm maybe. Your blocks look good. You can always make a wall hanging. If you are like me you do not like to give up! Have a great day

  4. They sure do look pretty Sandra!

  5. Pretty? YES!! Hopefully they may come to become very enjoyable.

  6. They look pretty, but certainly if something is giving ya headache then put it aside and get back to enjoying your hobby!