Sunday, September 11, 2016

Finally a real quilt, almost!

I've been working at getting my FlowerGarden quilt together these past few days.

I'll post pics today since this quilt has been featured in many of my Slow Sunday Stitching posts this past year....or so!

Here is the top half...
.....and here is the bottom half....
Now I just need four outer borders made up of 89 1.5" squares each. So close!!!

I think I'll have some sewing time later today, so my goal will be to get at least two of these outer borders done.

I am finally ready for this one to be a completed quilt!

Today, to switch things up I thought I'd start my day with a bit of embroidery on my Life is Beautiful quilt...
Most of the stitching on Life is Beautiful is back-stitching, so it was fun to do a bit of the feather stitch (I think that is what it is called).

On the kitchen front.....I've been trying all Summer to make sourdough bread with no commercial yeast. I've had a few failures, but yesterday I finally had success.

Here is my lovely dough, all ready and waiting...

.....and here is my first loaf...

I know it looks a bit short and wide....but that's because I think I should have seasoned my new pan....the bottom of the loaf stuck to it.

I have to say, though, the texture was great and it had wonderful flavour. We both gave it a thumbs up! I'll cook the second loaf today and see how things go. I can't even explain how exciting this was to me!

Someone who is new to needle-turn applique has asked me to post pictures of how I end off a piece of applique. This is by no means "my way", but just "a way" that really works for me. 

If anyone has a different way that they could share, that would be wonderful!

First, after the last stitch, I bring my needle and thread to the back and take a little bite into the backing fabric only, making sure it's within the seam allowance of the applique piece...
 ...then I tie a knot right there...
 I take a couple of running stitches in the backing fabric only. This is to ensure that that dark thread doesn't wangle itself over to the un-appliqued backing and show thru' after the quilt is quilted....causing what we in the longarm world  call "varicose veins".
 Finally, I trim the thread close, again to be sure a dark thread doesn't migrate. Again, note that all this is done in the seam allowance.

I am linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching and Oh, Scrap!.


  1. love your Kim McLean quilt and the embroidery - almost cool enough to start making bread around here I don't usually make it in the summer - too hot!

  2. Love your quilt, nice and bright! I haven't baked bread all summer, too hot and humid. But now the temps have dropped and it is actually supposed to get down to 48* a couple nights this week. I brought up my sourdough starter from the freezer this morning. I plan to bake bread later this week. Blessings, Gretchen

  3. Your applique project is beautiful! So close to a finish. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! Your bread looks amazing :)

  4. Hi Sandra, I've just found you via Cynthia's blog..... What a beautiful quilt! I used to make bread regularly but haven't for a while now ... I've really been meaning to try sourdough, as both hubby and I are great lovers of such wonderful bread. I'm very tempted to have a go now. How did you make your sourdough starter? I've seen it made with organic grapes, did you make it that way?
    Nice to meet you! I will be adding you to my blogger dashboard.
    Barbara x

  5. When we put so many stitches in an appliqued quilt it is exciting to finally see the end in sight. I love baking bread and started making artisan bread that uses very little yeast and sits out over night. I love the crust after it comes out of my cast iron dutch oven. The smell is so wonderful I usually have to eat a piece while it is still warm.

  6. Thanks for the hints on finishing your applique. I never thought about needing to trim the thread so it doesn't migrate to a part of the quilt where it would cause a shadow. Nice advice. Your appliqued quilt top is so lovely.

  7. Wow, Sandra, your Flower Garden is spectacular! I bet you can't wait to start quilting it.

    Life is Beautiful will keep you busy all winter, I expect! It's a lovely pattern. :D