Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Time to "bee" social!

On Saturday we took a drive to Cambridge to check out the antique mall.

We were hoping to find a "push bar" for our new screen door at our back discourage pushing against the screen. You know the kind...they are found on variety store doors, usually promoting something like Coke, etc.

Well, we found some vintage ones but who knew they would cost twice as much as the new door we put in! Maybe we'll get a reproduction on eBay or make due with the one we fashioned out of an old hockey stick....which is a sentimental throwback to my family's hockey days.

We don't often go to Cambridge. I was taken with some of the beautiful buildings....including The Wired Up Pugs Cafe and Bistro where we stopped for a little mid-afternoon snack...
There was a little sign on the window sill asking to please not touch the "pugs". Who knew that that would be such a problem that they would have to post a sign to discourage it!

I really liked that each table had a vintage tablecloth on it under glass, even quainter that each tablecloth was different.

I have completed two weeks now of the #100days100blocks. The blocks are great fun and work up quickly. Here are my blocks of the last week...
Hmm, that seems like a fuzzy picture...I'll have to do some camera maintenance. 

In my last post I showed my new wide-backing for my FlowerGarden quilt. After posting I found that the backing is Cooper-approved!
Today I pressed the backing....I hope there is some leftover as I think it would make a nice ironing board cover, don't you?...

Usually at the end of the month I have a monthly report on my Quilty365/Year in My Life. Well, all I can say is that I've just tried to keep caught up with the prep work. After my FlowerGarden is complete (hopefully in the next week!!!!!), then I will get back to stitching my daily hearts.

Here's how they look as of today...

I am linking up today with Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social.

I am also linking up with Audrey at Quilty Folk for the monthly check-in for Quilty365....even though my progress this month is a bit pathetic....but I promise to have better news to report next month!


  1. Cambridge is one of those towns where the strip malls and big box stores make it look generic and urban, but there are parts with the historic buildings which give it real charm. More importantly, did you go to Lens Mill Store?

  2. What a wonderful project. the backing fabric is very striking too. I am looking forward to seeing more of your progress

  3. Lol Oh well. A little progress is better than none! We've all been there.:)

  4. Love that backing fabric as does Cooper. Good luck on your circle progress.

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