Sunday, August 14, 2016

It was a hot Summer night and the beach was burning.....

Who knows the song that the title of this post is from? It's been running thru' my head this weekend. (I know what it is, just wondering if you do!)

What a Summer it's been for hot, humid weather! 

I have to say, I'm so grateful to have air-conditioning. About seven years ago I had a geothermal system installed to heat and cool my house. Before that I had never lived in a house with air-conditioning. 

I remember the year I was pregnant with my daughter, 1989, it must have been this kind of Summer and we had to pretty well live in the basement. I remember walking up the stairs and feeling the wall of heat on the main floor. Again, so grateful for the A/C.

Just saying....I'm not complaining about the weather!!! I'll save that for February :)

I'm happy to report that I've been on track with my applique this month. I set an achievable goal to try to have the final border done for my FlowerGarden quilt.

This weekend I'm working on appliqueing down the vine, as I've got all the leaves done that needed to be tucked under the vine.
I started this morning by hitting the mid-way part of the stem and ended with only a quarter of the way to go...I'm good with that! 

We have a busy day planned today, hosting a welcome party for my grandson, Lachlan, but I hope to have a few moments of quiet this evening to finish the will feel like I'm over the hump on this border, I think.

I'll have to remember to schedule this quilt into the queue for the longarm in September....since my goal is to have it ready for my trunk show in October.

I'd better go make the finishing touches for the party today. We have some vegan guests, so we have accommodated with a couple of of them being a Falafel salad. 

I prepared it yesterday and it turned out yummy....then I thought it would be improved by a bit of feta cheese (what isn't, right?), and as soon as I mixed it in I realised it was no longer a vegan dish! Another moment where the word "crapola" from this post comes in handy! Could the bits of feta pose as tofu?, probably not. 

I'm linking up this morning with Kathy's Quilts once again for some Slow Sunday Stitching and with Quilting is More Fun Than Housework for OhScrap!

Have a wonderful Summer's day!


  1. How are you keeping the vine in place as you stitch? Do you glue it or baste it or???

  2. oh this applique is lovely! :)

    I live in an older home with steam heat so no central air. A few window ones. So one room might be 75 degrees and what a great description you gave in regards to going upstairs or into another room...wall of heat.

    Enjoy your get-together today ! :)

  3. Oh my, such beautiful applique! Not familiar with that song, but one from the decade before is running through my mind with all this summer heat - Hot Summer Day by It's A Beautiful Day.

  4. Meatloaf, You took the words right out of my mouth... Margriet Luijendijk

  5. Your applique is so lovely! I have been having trouble as of late settling down to enjoy my stitching. Seeing your work has helped. I guess I need to set some small goals for each day. So hard to get back in the habit!

  6. I sew in the basement, so I know about that wall of heat when you head back upstairs! Your applique is beautiful; enjoy your Sunday stitching

  7. You do very nice applique!
    I remember the first house we purchased that had air-conditioning. Hurray! I remember lots of miserable summer days and nights before that.

  8. What a lovely applique! That wall of heat - you described it so well. I get then when I open the front door... makes me want to stay in and hibernate!

  9. I'm just crazy about your applique! Such luscious colors!

  10. When my husband and I moved into our home 30 years ago it came with central AC although it didn't work real well on the second floor. I had never even had a window AC prior to that. When we remodeled 12 years ago we remedied that problem. I don't think I will ever do without it again. Your applique is very pretty. It has a psychedelic 60s vibe.

  11. I like your fabric choices, great fun!

  12. Your vines are so pretty. I love your fabric and color choices. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!