Sunday, January 10, 2016

The best laid plans

Well, I've been trying to get going on my AuntieGreen'sGarden since Christmas to no avail.

I've blamed it on being busy with the holidays and with starting new projects, but I realised yesterday that it wasn't that at all.

Many times to keep on track with a project I'll set myself little goals. For AuntieGreen I had worked it out that if I did a border a month, etc...then it could be done for the Fair in the Fall. I've had my timeline on the brain so much that this applique has become more like a "job" or a "chore". I still love it, but yesterday I gave myself permission to give it a little rest and pick up my Flower Garden for a few weeks.

Here is a picture of how far I've come on this quilt....

 Sometimes it's difficult to put aside the time to do the prep work on a big applique, but I did do that yesterday. The bottom border of my Flower Garden has 157 pieces, not counting 24 1/2" circles! It has such a different look than AuntieGreen!

I thought I'd start this morning's stitching time with what looks like the most difficult piece of this quilt! Here is the freezer paper pattern ironed onto the fabric...

It took quite a while to cut out the pattern itself! This morning it took at least two hours to cut the fabric and baste it onto the background. I did manage to get a few inches stitched....

While coming to the decision to put AuntieGreen aside, I did manage to do a bit of other sewing and stitching.

One of my Life is Beautiful blocks....

I don't really "get" this block, oh well, lol !

I decided to start sewing my Day in My Life/Quilty365 blocks together so I don't have 365 to assemble at the end of the year! Ive decided to sew them in chronological order...
I also completed my first block in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!
There's a linky party over at SoScrappy of people sharing what they are doing for their Rainbow Scrap Challenge. You can check it out HERE.

Another Linky going on today is at Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching. You can visit with her HERE to see what others are poking at on this dreary morning (at least it's not snow!).

And, just because they're so cute, here's a picture of Cooper and Minnie ready to curl up on the couch with me lately....

On a side note, we had taped a new TV show on Wednesday night and finally watched it last night. It's called "The Indian Doctor" and is about a couple from India moving to Wales in the 60's to take over a medical practice after the local doctor dies. We thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it. I hope it lasts because it is a challenge to find a show that we both like! I don't know what we'll do when Downton Abbey comes to an end!

Have a great day!

I'm just adding on another linky that I've remembered...great blogpost over at "Quilting is more fun than housework"! I can certainly relate, and to the post she mentions of another blogger, Mangofeet.
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