Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sister!!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Linda!

There are four of us sisters and here is a picture of us with my father, celebrating Linda's 50th two years ago.

What a surprise party for Linda it was that day....she had no idea a party had been planned!

Happy Birthday little sister!! xoxo

 Here I am just practicing....I took a picture with  my phone to see if I could figure out how post it here and somehow I did it! lol

We went to Main 88 in Hagersville last night for our favourite pizza and wings. Awesome crust! This is a fairly new restaurant, they changed over from another pizza joint, and I hope they make it since we really enjoy their style of pizza!

Of course, many of you know that today is the start of the new mystery quilt, Grand Illusion, over at Quiltville. I have decided to take part since the quilts are always beautiful and a few of my friends are going to do it. I'm not going to start today, probably will be early next week. I really have to finish up a quilt top that is a Christmas gift before I get side-tracked!

Have a great Friday....and, again, have a wonderful birthday, Linda!


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