Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do I like to applique?...well, let me tell you!

Yes, I am an avid applique-er!

Most of you know that about me already, it's no surprise, I'm sure. I also believe in trying new techniques and gadgets to possibly hone my skills. I hate to say it, but as a longarm quilter I do see the work of those who do and don't try to dabble in new techniques to find out if there may be "a better way". I have tried new methods over the 34 years that I've been a quilter and my theory is that if it works then I have improved my technique.....if not, oh well, it was worth a try! And, yes, just because it wasn't for me surely doesn't mean that it won't be wonderful for you!

Well, this past week I have tried a new gadget in my applique. New to me, that is!

It looks like a pen, but it's actually a very fine, sharp stiletto. I also got the white, silicone (?) pad that you see on the right side of the picture. They are items I bought from the Thimblelady, based in Australia.  This is not the first time I've ordered from her, I have her thimble, as well, but that's something to share in a future post!

This stiletto is called the magic seam folder and you use it instead of marking your applique piece with markers, chalk, etc. As you can see in the photo, it makes a bit of a score on the fabric and then is easy to needle-turn. Actually, maybe it's hard to see the scoring in the photo, but it's there! I was skeptical that the mark would last, but as you can see it is still there after two days since I marked that particular fabric. Mind you, even though there is a mark, the fabric is not at all damaged. I'm glad I bought the little pad. It makes a good surface to do the scoring on. Apparently this "magic seam folder" can also be used to mark quilting lines on your quilt.

Just to be clear, I am not being reimbursed for any product I blog about. These are just my personal trials into the many gadgets out there! I will definitely use this product for certain applique projects, but will also continue to use the Frixion pens that I have really liked in the past year or so.

The project that is in the picture is an applique kit I purchased while at QuiltCanada this past year in St.Catharines. Here is a pic of some of the blocks I have completed so far....

About thirty blocks done, and forty or so to go! This is not a project that I work on every day, but one I work on when I don't have other projects prepared and ready to applique! 

I finished a quilt this week for a client using the Popcorn panto. Over ten years ago I started out with three pantos, and Popcorn was one of them. After all this time, it's cool that it is still the perfect design for many quilts!

Have a great Saturday, and here is the question of the day....Is it too late to get my bulbs planted?....and why does this happen to me every year?

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