Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day !

 What a beautiful sunny morning...maybe the calm before the storm???

Looks like a good day to have a walk and catch some Vitamin D. 

I started my day, of course, with a bit of slow stitching. I've been poking away at the 6" blocks for my A Curious Journey BOM. 

These blocks were supposed to represent flowers, with green stitches for stems. But before I had really looked closely at the pattern I though they were clouds and rain, so I changed the colour to blue perle cotton and they are clouds and rain...

I've been knitting on my Maja cardigan. The picture is from yesterday, and this morning I've knitted up to where I will start the ribbing for the top of the sweater...

This sweater just comes to the waist. I had thought to make it a bit longer and I may have done a couple of extra rows, but it's lucky I didn't do much more as I had just the right amount of the blue yarn. 

This sweater was supposed to be part of a knitalong on Facebook but that was cancelled because most of that participants are in Nordic countries and they've had a shortage of the yarn that is called for. Luckily there are many people on the Facebook group that have knitted regardless, so lots of inspiration to be had. Funny thing, even though most of the people can't find the Icelandic yarn, I was able to order it from a shop only about an hour from where I live in Ontario!

It's always fun to learn something new. This week my "new" will be steeking this sweater. That's when you, in this case, knit the sweater in the round, then cut it up the the front centre of the sweater,  and knit the button bands on. lol...stay tuned for how that goes!

I'm going to try to be strict with myself once the sweater is done. I want to get back to quilting my Shimmer quilt. I'm sure all it will take is one week, maybe two, to have it finished. It's been loitering for too long now. I had meant this to be entered into the Fall Fair in 2020, but when that was cancelled the quilting of Shimmer seemed to stall.

And, no, I did not pose the animals for the photo!...

On that note, I think I'll get on with my day. Have a wonderful day, and maybe have a visit with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching to see what others are working on today.


  1. Animals always think the quilts are magic carpets put down for them to enjoy.

  2. Beautiful blocks, and gorgeous sweater! Great photo, sure looks like you posed the pets!

  3. Oh that shimmer quilt is beautiful! I love the colors you chose.

  4. Enjoy your knitting. I love the quilt. Those pets are adorable.

  5. The cat wants to know why those dogs are on her quilt!
    The sweater will soon be done. Cutting the sweater would make me very nervous!
    Happy stitching!

  6. Cute little is like they know they shouldn't be there but you aren't saying!!!

  7. I'm blown away by your intricate patterned knitting. (If you take a peek at my knitting on my last post, you will totally know why, LOL). All your projects are gorgeous. Shimmer is a real beauty and I like your applique blocks too. Happy Stitching from me here in the Ottawa Valley.