Sunday, January 17, 2021

Slow Sunday stitches

Like always, I managed to get some stitching done early today with my morning coffee.

I finished the Bathing Beauties block for my A Curious Journey quilt...

They aren't supposed to have faces but I feel like they at least need eyes??? We'll see...they are pretty cute, as is, also.

I also got one of these blocks almost done...there will be four of these...

I think the next time I do a post I should try to get everything up on the design wall that is completed for this quilt. There are 4 large blocks, and many, many 6" blocks. It's a mystery quilt, so I won't know the placement of anything yet, but it'll be nice to see what I've accomplished so far.

I did finally finish the final Windswept block for this quilt....

.....twenty of them, in all!!! I do like the bit of embroidery that is on  some of the blocks.

So, many of you know that I became a runner four years ago. During Covid it's become more and more difficult to find motivation to get out there for a run. Even remembering that my doctor told me months ago when the pandemic was in it's infancy that I should continue to run for the mental benefits. 

I haven't had a real attempt at running for over a month now....and even then it was discouraging. I've actually had thoughts of not running again...but I've invested so much energy into it already....and I remember how it was difficult for me to breathe while walking up Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls only a few months before I took up running. The heart health from running has been incredible.

A couple of days ago I finally started to read this book that I've had for probably 2 years now...

The Galloway Method focuses on short run/walk intervals...something good for older runners to avoid injury.

I actually got myself out there this morning on my favourite route in Waterford and experimented with the Galloway Method. I have to say, I felt like a "real" runner again, and I finished feeling strong. I needed this confidence booster!

In Ontario we are under Stay At Home orders, except for a few reasons, one being exercise. I can see why, as I feel terrific now after getting some fresh air and exercise. (Around my neck is a face covering that I pulled up when I chanced upon other people on the trail. There was actually a few young families out for a stroll today.)

On top of the Black Bridge...

I hope I remember this feeling through the week. It's going to inspire me to get out there again! I encourage (challenge?) everyone to get outside for a walk in the next few days. 

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  1. I'm a Galloway run-walker as well. Hope that the new method is enough to get you out there again. Your petal wreaths are lovely.

  2. I go walking twice every day. Great way to get some exercise and clear out the cobwebs!
    I love seeing your hand stitching projects. Those windswept blocks are wonderful!

  3. I do admire you for running and enjoying it. I am a walker myself. =) Your Windswept blocks are beautiful; this is going to be such a lovely quilt. Love too, those three very sweet.

  4. What a wonderful set of blocks you are making! I love the colors you are using and the prints. You must be sooo pleased that you broke through the inertia around running again. Good luck with keeping up with your goals--you already know what physical and emotional benefits you are going to experience.

  5. I used to run 6-7 miles about 4-5 days/week when i was younger...but now I am lucky if I walk every day...i miss that wonderful feeling of euphoria after running...but can no longer do that so you do what you can, right??
    I think your windswept blocks are beautiful nice job
    Stay safe hugs, Julierose

  6. I admire your for running! Your projects are gorgeous, the little ladies are too cute.

  7. I kind of like the ladies in the boat without faces: I already imagined them smiling having a happy time together. Your run-walk info is appealing, although it'll have to be all walk for me, but gotta do something about the at least 19 pounds gained sitting around last year; I'm pretty sure that's the real meaning of Covid 19, lol.