Sunday, June 28, 2020

A finish and a start....

This week it feels so good to be back to a bit of needle-turn applique.

I've been doing a lot of knitting lately, and a bit of handquilting. 

I added a few pieces to this block of my Animal Album quilt, designed by Kim McLean, one of my favourite designers. I think this is the third of her quilts that I have done.

What got me back to my applique was receiving the instructions this week for Block 2 in a BOM I'm doing, A Curious Journey by Susan Smith. I've started a Susan Smith quilt in the past which is currently in the UFO pile :(

Here is Block 1 of this quilt...

For Block 2, I decided to actually follow instructions. Some designers will have you glue all the pieces onto the background all at once, then start stitching. I thought the un-sewn pieces would just get in the way...and at first they seemed to, but after just this morning working on this block it feels ok. 

Will I continue with this method?...probably not. But I do believe in at least trying because you just never know when you'll find something that will just tweak what you already have in your tool box.

That is not all of the applique pieces, there will some fish swimming about in the middle, etc.

Here is what I accomplished this morning....a little bit of stems and tulips...

Some other slow-stitching this week was sewing the binding on my Unity quilt, which was the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Man, I worked hard on the piecing in the last week to get this done. I didn't do the last border because I just needed this one done. I hurried so much that my final border did not work out just right. I regret that, but told myself that the 4-year old that was receiving this for a birthday present would not notice, or care....what a rotten attitude, I know....and I'm not usually one to think this way. I hate to admit it, but there you you know!

And here is Lachlan with his quilt....only a week late for his birthday!

Coming up this week is Canada Day. To celebrate, my grandson, Kirby, and I signed up for a Canada Day Virtual 5k (all the races so far this year are virtual, so sad).

We ran the race yesterday at the track that is in the Fisherville Lion's Park.

It was hot...too hot for me. I'm not a good runner in the heat and humidity, but we got it done! 

It makes me so happy that my grandson likes to run with me!

I always wear a "buff" on my head when I run and I bought this one for my race in Scotland last year...

It was nice to wear it again yesterday to celebrate our Canada Day Virtual 5k!

On that note, I'll wish you a happy Canada Day...hopefully we can all find a way to celebrate even if that means a little extra time to get some slow-stitching done!

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. I think I'll take a bit of time to see what others are working on today, hopefully you can, too!


  1. Oh my, your applique is wonderful; so, so many pieces to stitch. I love applique but can't seem to get the needleturn method. Your Animal Album quilt is going to be amazing. Lachlan's quilt is gorgeous and the photo of him wrapped in his quilt is darling.

  2. Your handwork is wonderful! And the Unity quilt is gorgeous!! Kudos on your race.

  3. Happy Canada Day! We live in a good country! Your quilt and blocks are fabulous!

  4. Kim McLean’s patterns wonderfully filled with color. Wise woman to get the quilt finished. He loves it just the way it is. Good for you doing the virtual run. I use to jog and finished a few 5 & 10ks. Enjoy Canada Day!

  5. Beautiful applique, and Unity Quilt! Happy Canada Day!

  6. You have a lot of applique stitches to make! With all those prints it should be a lot of fun! Happy Canada Day!