Thursday, April 2, 2020

One Monthly Goal - April

I've been working on the mystery quilt that has been generously brought to us by Edyta Sitar. 

She offered this to help us get through our isolation at this time. There has been one block per day over 15 days...but each day you have to make a few multiples of that particular day's block. After 15 days we have 100 6" blocks.

Today is day more day to go!

Here is my quilt so far...

I may put a bit of a border on when it's done...not sure yet. I don't know if I have enough of any of my 30's prints to make a border. I guess I could do a white border.

I will put these blocks together using a Doug Lenko's 3-pin method. You can view his method on YouTube, HERE

I've actually tried something similar in the past, but he has a couple of tips that I'll incorporate into what I have done before.

We're in for some beautiful Spring weather in my area. My hope for all of you....please try to get some fresh air. We are all feeling edgy and worried, and that's to be expected. I believe that some fresh air is so good for our mental health at this time, even if it means just sitting out on your front porch and listening to the birds sing. 

I've been worried that my local park will shut down....I go there frequently for a run. Last Fall they paved a 1.1km walking trail around the baseball diamonds for people to use safely away from traffic. There's hardly anyone there when I go for a run....and the track is at least 8ft wide, so it's easy to be socially distant. I'm always glad to see this track utilized by local seniors, walking to promote their health. 

Sometimes I wish I could just step out my door for a walk or a run, but it's not safe as I live on a provincial highway.

I think of all that has transpired over the last month and realise that only a month ago I'd never heard these phrases before...

Social Distancing
Self Isolation
Flattening the Curve

...and now we hear them on a daily well as the word "unprecedented". I think that that will be a word that I will not miss when all this is in the past.

Now for my One Monthly Goal for April. My goal is to complete the quilt top on my Edyta Sitar mystery (shown above). I'd even like to have it quilted if I can find an appropriate backing in my stash....but the goal will be to at least have the top done and not have this be a UFO!

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal.


  1. I believe that one of the ladies in my sewing group is also doing the same mystery quilt. Oh how I miss sewing group times as they have had to be cancelled along with guild meetings.

  2. Love how your mystery quilt is coming together! It is a beautiful day out today. Nice on the back deck in the sunshine!

  3. Great blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


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