Sunday, November 24, 2019

Queen's Garden...almost a real quilt!

This week it seemed like all I did stitching-wise was miles and miles of binding!....and I'm not one to especially like to do it like some of you are. I just regard it as something that needs doing in order to have a completed quilt.

I don't have show-and-tell for all of my labours as they were not my own quilts....but it was especially nice to help an old friend by doing this for her.

Now...back to my Queen's Garden quilt. 

I was ready to get all the components sewn together when I realised that I hadn't finished the embroidery. Well, that is now completed.

So happy... I can now get it together and get the borders on. 

But, hold on a minute...nothing is ever that easy, is it?

On the original pattern, the designer had appliqued small circles where the orange peels meet. I had decided early on not to do the circles as the fabric that I am working with is fairly thick.

Most of my orange peels "kiss" nicely, but then there are a few like the one above that I just don't think I can live with. 

Sometimes you just have to make the decision to fix things. What does it for me is the thought that so much work has gone into this quilt I really want to cheap out just because it will take a little longer to do it right? That makes the decision so much easier.

I auditioned a couple of different sizes of circles, using my Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circles. By doing this, I can see that it will be the right choice to add the circles....

Here are a few circles sewn on. I think it's a lot more pleasing now...

I guess the designer knew what she was doing! Although, I did have the thought that the circles were added to maybe cover her own orange peels not meeting properly??? lol...maybe!

Now I'll share my current Leaders and Enders project. I had hesitated to show anyone yet as there is not a lot of contrast in the blocks and it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm starting to love it so here goes!

I am making little log cabins out of 1" strips, with 1-1/2" orange centres.

Here are the containers I keep by my sewing machine, full of "logs" ready to sew...

....and here is a pile of log cabins in various states of construction...

I am keeping the scraps somewhat bright and modern.

Here are a few up on the design wall...

They aren't all sewn together yet, but I'm getting a feeling on how it will look. 

For me, it will be true quilt in every sense of what a quilt is meant to be...something that uses up every scrap...a riot of colour....and, as a bonus, it will be made of what could be argued as the most traditional of blocks, the Log Cabin. 

I only hope it keeps my interest long enough to grown into a full-sized quilt!!

As always on Sundays, I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching to see what other slow stitchers are working on today.


  1. Love the log cabin blocks. That is going to be such a fun quilt.

  2. Oh my! It does look even MORE gorgeous with those circles. The more work I put into a quilt the more fun it is. Great stitching!

  3. That was so interesting to see the difference once you added the circle over the orange peel joins!
    And I love your new leader ender project that will use up your smallest scraps!

  4. Your Queen's Garden quilt is amazing! The circles do give it a finished look, but I'd be willing to bet they were added by the designer for exactly the same reason that you decided to go ahead and use them on yours! I can't wait to see a full shot of it finished! Happy stitching! :)

  5. Great projects, both. I think you made a good choice to add the little circles - its a nice extra touch and does a lovely camouflage job. As for those little log cabins, well, you couldn't be any more in my wheel house. I have a basket full of 1" strips for an Omigosh quilt that I'm working on and it just seems to get fuller rather than emptier as time goes by so this would be a great follow-up. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Well worth the effort you put into the little circles! Looks great. Those log cabin blocks are terrific...just my cup of tea...I find if you start to get bored with them just try another leader and ender and come back to these. Sometimes all you need is a break.

  7. Cutelittlelog cabin blocks, this is a great leader and ender project. Those circles added to your orange peels reallymake a big difference, you must be pleased you added them after all.

  8. Those circles are perfect! Have fun with the little logs, happy stitching!

  9. So looking forward to finishing my Queen! Love yours! Great idea for your leaders and enders! It will turn scraps into a lively quilt!

  10. Good morning Sandra. I LOVE the Queen's Garden quilt; the colors are perfect and yes, those circles do catch the eye. I'm doing a leaders/enders quilt; but mines just a 12 patch of color. I belong to a group that exchanges 2.5 inch squares; lots of fun to see others color choices. Love your log cabins.

  11. Your Queens Garden will be a beauty! Interesting colorway!

  12. I love your Queen's Garden quilt. I think the circles where the orange peels meet adds a nice touch and finishing. Love your log cabin scrappy quilt too. Nothing like a good log cabin quilt!

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