Sunday, January 20, 2019

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We finally have a bit of winter this weekend.

Yesterday was blustery and by the look of it outside, I plan on staying in again today!

I plan on having a bit of sewing time today and will work on a couple of things.

Here is the design wall this morning....

Along the top of the picture is the beginnings of my temperature quilt....I can tell already that I am going to love this quilt! I'm sure that today's block will include a dark purple for this extremely cold day.

The bottom block with the yellow in it is my first block for the #52blocks52weeks that CQA is hosting. My blocks will be made of 30's fabrics.

Just peeking into the bottom left corner of the pic is a bit of my I Am Enough quilt....which I thought would be the main focus of my sewing session today.....but, nope, I will be determined to do a couple of blocks of my One Monthly Goal, which is my Farm Girl Vintage blocks....three of which are done (in the middle of the picture).

So many choices, so little time!

The design wall got a major tidying up the other day as we needed to move it to the living room for a photo shoot. 

I needed to get a full-on shot of a quilt and finally had the brilliant idea of using the design wall. This meant taking everything down off the design wall and moving it to the living room....which meant moving all the furniture....which meant a chance at getting at all the dust bunnies that have been lurking under the couches....this was quite the process! 

We managed to get a nice shot...

If the quilt had been a couple of inches bigger I don't know what we would have done!

My slow stitching this morning consisted of some English Paper Piecing. This project is one I intend on working on when I need something for "on the go".....but I don't have anything else prepped at the moment so it got some attention today. This is for my Tula Nova quilt.

I think this quilt will probably progress quickly, for some reason. I haven't done EPP for a while and I do enjoy it. I'm thinking there should always be an ongoing EPP project!

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching, and with Anina at Twiddletails for updates on Temperature Quilts.

My husband just commented on how it looks cold outside. Can it "look" cold????.....yes, I think it can.

A good day to stay indoors and get some sewing and reading done!


  1. The sun is shining here but it sure is cold! I might go for a walk later...all bundled up of course! The temperature quilt is a fun project. I have a binding to apply today and then have some more comfort quilt blocks to make. Take care. Stay warm

  2. Your Temperature Quilt layout is ingenious - it's the best that I've seen and it will be so much fun to watch it fill in. And speaking of cold, we're to get down into the minus 30s today, with -41C tonight. My husband and I just laughed hysterically when he read that out! Stay warm!!

  3. I ventured out to church this morning. The sun is lovely on the snow but it is COLD outside! Glad to be home. I think the sewing room and I have a date this afternoon. Your DTRH is beautiful! I need to get back to mine, I think it might be lonely!

  4. Oh yes... it looked very cold this morning. It's warming up now to minus 17 degrees!!
    Great photo (even though it was a huge effort to get it!)
    Enjoy your EPP!

  5. Love your temperature quilt. The finished quilt is very beautiful, bright colors. Great how you managed to make this picture

  6. You have a few nice projects going and oh such a lovely quilt.

  7. Your DTRH quilt is so beautiful! The colors just glow. Thanks for even more photos of it because I just cannot get enough of looking at it!!

  8. That is gorgeous work on your quilt. (And quite a bit of work getting everything moved for a photo.) But I was moved to comment because I was excited to see you have the same little tykes step stool hiding under the desk that I have. I get mine when my oldest was potty training and needed to reach the sink to wash his hands. He is now 28 with a potty trained one of his own. Silly to get excited about a step stool, but there it is.

  9. I love the colours in your temperature quilt, I'm looking forward to seeing this one grow. Your DTRH quilt is just stunning, I wish I'd thought to have the side hares the other way up! It is a huge quilt to photograph, I had to hang mine on the washing line outside!