Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday Stitches

I only had a little bit of time for stitching this morning.

It was enough time, however, to finish this block of my Summertime Sampler...

As much as I don't enjoy doing French Knots, I do like the effect of them on the Hosta.

Then I got a start on the dreaded binding on my nephew's wedding quilt. I know, I know, this is something that people enjoy, lol....the only thing I like is that it means for a completed quilt!....and that this one will be done in time for the wedding!

Now, to get ready for my outing this morning. 

I am going on a run with my friend to the Dundas Valley Conservation Area to re-run the route that is the Sulphur Springs Trail Run...even more special since my daughter and her girlfriend will be joining us.

I'll make sure to take some pictures. The first time I ran this trail was a practice run in the Spring...(I love this picture)....

.....and we came across a group of hikers taking a picture of their dogs....

So, you'll notice in those pictures, taken in April, the trees were still bare.

Flip forward to actual race-day a month later...

....everything was green and lush, a different kind of beauty from the month before. I also love this picture because it reminds me that at that moment I was quite choked up and almost in tears at the beauty around me. 

Today I expect yet another beautiful run with the leaves starting to change colour. I just hope we don't get lost! This time we won't have a seasoned coach with us, or a group of runners in a race to keep us on track.....but we'll have a map! Wish us luck!

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Have a lovely day!


  1. I really love the summertime sampler, I've looked at buying the book often and I think it might end up on my Christmas wish list! Are you using wool or felt for yours? The photo of all the dogs lined up is adorable. And hope you didn't get lost on your run!!

  2.'re binding a quilt...yippee! Enjoy :)
    Love that photo of the dogs... can't imagine how they got them to stay still with all the excitement of so many dogs!
    Enjoy your run on this pretty fall day!

  3. Your Summertime Sampler block is so bright and fun on the black background! Hope you enjoyed your run in such a beautiful place!

  4. i could almost forget that I was running in that gorgeous! The French knots are perfect for the hostas in front of the cottage. The wedding quilt will soon be done and much appreciated by the bride and groom

  5. I like your block - so pretty. Great that you run! I had to go to walking years ago, but still do it every morning. Keeps us going!

  6. The Summertime Sampler is lovely. French knots do add that little bit of extra to a project. Fun photo of the dogs on the tree.....I wonder how they got them all to sit there whilst a photo was shot.