Friday, September 28, 2018

One Monthly Goal - September Finish (thankfully!)

I feel like I'm squeaking this month's One Monthly Goal in just in time! 

For some reason I did not enjoy catching up with my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. I never should have let myself fall behind, I guess.

In my rush to get them done, I messed up a couple of times and had to do one over, and un-sew and re-sew another!

Here they are...

So....the block in the upper left corner is the block to be sewn for September. I kept making mistakes....I don't know by the time the block was done I couldn't like it, even one little bit. So, instead of making two more of them, I made two blocks using patterns from previous months. Hey, it's my quilt, am I right?

And then there was this unfortunate beast...

Actually, in the photo it doesn't look soooo bad....but in real life it's a muddled mess....what was I thinking!? This one will go directly to the trash.

What can I say?....I am quite happy to be done with this month's goal!!!

I do like this block...

....mainly because I forgot I ever had the wee bird fabric and I love it. Once I found it in the blue fabric bin I just had to use it.

I look forward to October's block, which I think will be the last block. It will be fun to see how all of these blocks will go together.


This morning I thought I would be finished block 3 of my Tomato Soup, The Sequel quilt. I got to the point of adding the last two leaves and didn't like my fabric choice.

Here is one pinned on in the middle of the block...

...hmm....why can't I ever seem to take a picture that isn't skewed?...

Once I hung the block up I had an idea of which fabric to use and I'll get on that at some point today.

The blocks in this quilt are a whopping 24"! A little difficult to manage at times, but not too bad.


There is still time to join in the fun at the Online Quilters' Meet and Greet over at Benita Skinner's Creative Space blog, which you can find HERE

We have until the end of the month to visit the different quilting blogs and enter for a chance to win a wonderful quilty prize.

You can read my post for the Meet and Greet HERE


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  1. Wonderful blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  2. Congrats on a finish, even if it is just squeekin' by! Love that block with the bird fabric - it definitely is a nice print.

  3. Congrats for reaching your goal even though there were a few missteps along the way! I think I had some of that bird print in my stash at one point

  4. Thnaks for sharing the good & the bad! Love, love your 'tomato soup' block!

  5. I love that little bird fabric, too! A good find! I think the block you're threatening to throw in the trash could become a fun potholder or mug rug.:) Your Tomato Soup quilt is going to be just gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful blocks! Wait till the end of RSC, maybe this blocks you don't like will find his place!

  7. Don’t feel bad - many of us messed up the September block. The instructions were confusing, unlike previous months. But you’ve got some great blocks to work with, which will make the finish all the more sweet!

  8. Isn't it funny how some blocks are just a pain in the arse?!? I haven't sewn the RSC September block yet because I screwed up the colours so will wait to see what October brings. And then I can do whatever I want, because as you said, it's MY quilt! I think your "muddled" block will add charm/interest to your quilt!

  9. I can see how that block was a challenge. But I looks fine now. Don't throw that poor block in the trash. Put some scraps of batting on the back and make it into a duster. Think how useful it will be when you dust.

  10. throw a block in the garbage, HERESY! Make a shopping bag for the market and give it to a thrift store for someone else to enjoy even if you do not anymore!

  11. SEW sorry to hear that your RSC blocks in dark BLUE gave you some trouble!! I really like your solution of repeating blocks from other months. Smart thinking!