Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's a Snow Day!

It was my turn today to host our little applique group that tries to get together once a month.

Well, didn't Winter throw a wrench into the plans with a snowy, blustery day!

The local OPP have asked that people stay off the roads, so I've made an executive decision and cancelled our get-together :(

Hmm, so what to do on a day like today? Work? Get my income taxes in order? Sew? 

I think I will sew together the final 12" block needed for my Happy Days...

Yesterday, my Happy Days quilt shouted out to me that it will be a quilt for my granddaughter, Mina. It's so nice when a quilt finally realises who it's meant to belong to!

...and, I think I will try to sew up three blocks for my 150 CW quilt, since I'm about thirty blocks behind...

In a post from early February, which you can check out here, I talked about being intrigued by the Dutch Treat quilt.

Well, of course I did have to give it a try. It's all done in reverse applique, which I find a little tricky. (So, please be kind when looking at the photos!)

I'm trying to complete one block per week, which will make this a four-year project if I do all 196 blocks. The blocks will finish at 4".

Here are my first four....

Now, in the pictures, I can see my first block is a bit off-kilter. Oh well, this is one of those quilts that should show definite improvement as it progresses.....at least, I hope so!!!

I think the coolest part is how the design begins to appear as you carefully snip and stitch the shapes. Remember, with reverse applique the top fabric (the grey in my blocks) is in the foreground and the printed fabric is underneath and revealed in the end.

Next time I do a block I'll try to remember to take pictures of the process.

Well, better go for now since the pups are demanding breakfast.

Have a lovely, wintery day!


  1. Ooh, another long ongoing many-block quilt project! I did reverse appliqué just once; it is so cool! I love yours and your fabric choices are terrific! Don't you love when a quilt either whispers or shouts to you?! Totally get that.

  2. love your Dutch Treat blocks - hope the winter storm will not be bad in your area