Saturday, February 4, 2017

Canada's 150th!

For all that I have been a quilter for 37 years now, there are still a few things that are still beyond me....the big one being

Don't get me wrong, I do know how to do it and I do know that in some instances it is the perfect technique to Mariner's Compass, etc.

This week I struggled again, but it was worth it. 

This year in Canada we are celebrating our other words, our 150th Birthday!

Here is the logo to commemorate this birthday...

Image result for canada 100th birthday logo image

I still remember the logo from our 100th birthday in 1967. You can see this logo occasionally still.....a business down the street from me has it in one of the large bricks of the building, showing that it was built in 1967...

Image result for canada 100th birthday logo image

Of course, a brilliant quilter has taken this year's logo and made it into a quilt block!

I had to give it a go, even thought it is constructed using 

When paper-piecing, I seem to give my seam ripper quite a workout...

More than a few choice words were used in the construction of this block!

I used my coveted stash of hand-dyes for the block as I think they really suited it. Batiks would be awesome, too, but I don't have much of that sort of thing.

Almost there...

.....all together...

Just a couple of wee flaws, but I'm pretty happy with it!

I was distracted from the sewing I should be doing since I wanted this block done and sewn into a placemat before Monday night's guild meeting...

Our guild is having an Anniversary Tea in March (details to follow at a later date), and we are having a challenge to make placemats commemorating Canada's 150th, and then we will donate the placemats to our local Meals on Wheels!

So, I'll be donating this placemat, which means only one thing...I'll have to do more paper-piecing to do the block again for myself!....and I will, just later. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic pattern and if you give it a try you will love the results, it's just that I find it difficult to wrap my brain around the technique.

You can find the pattern for the block HERE at SeaSew by Dana Szucs Hayden.

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  1. I also had problems with the piecing as well, my seam ripper was in full use. I was not going to give into defeat. I was pleased with it after eight hours of mind bending thinking.

  2. The finished block is way cool! It is worth your effort!

  3. This pattern is in my paper-piecing folder in my laptop, and I am DYING to make it. Your placemat rendition is perfection! Uh, as is the execution, I see no "wee flaws" Sandra! A couple Christmases ago our guild did placemats for MoW, such a great cause. I did not know, correction, remember, the 1967 logo, so it is good to see it here...makes me feel a project combining the two percolating... Thanks so much for linking up with DrEAMi! #2.

  4. Well done! I'm with you on the paper piecing thing - I know how to do it, but find it a struggle. I've got a few patterns I'm practicing on for this year's RSC, hoping I can get to the point where I don't automatically cringe when hearing 'foundation pieced'!

  5. Wow! I love it! I live in Canada six months of the year. This is a definite must make. Thanks for the link to the pattern!

  6. Looks perfect to me! A great idea to use the design in a placemat.

  7. Yay you! Well done. And yes, you'll definitely need to do it again to keep one for yourself!

  8. Look so great! I'm so glad so many people are giving the pattern a go and even though it's a bit of a challenge are feeling good with the results.