Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Neutral finish

I am so happy with the finishing of my Neutral quilt! 

I decided that, instead of binding the quilt, I would apply a facing to finish it off.

Here is how the front looks...nice and crisp!...
I've only done this method once before so had to go back to the tutorial on a blog called the Silly BooDilly which you can see HERE. The instructions seem long, but they are so well's really quite simple and perfect for certain projects.

All that needs doing is a sleeve for hanging. I love how this quilt turned out so it will definitely find a place to hang somewhere! I'll post a picture after the quilt is shown at my trunk show next week.

We need to fashion a bit of a "nesting" box for Minnie since she will have puppies in a few weeks. We dug out the travel crate to see if this would suit her fancy....but within a few moments another member of the family laid claim to the hidey-hole...
Well, off to get ready now for our new activity...Tai Chi! Today will be our first class and I really hope we enjoy it.

Have a great day!

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