Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Neutrals, what was I thinking??!!

I don't know if it's being of a certain age, but one of my favourite things is going out for lunch with friends, family....whoever!

Today I'll be meeting my sister-in-law for lunch at a restaurant I've never been to, Ferrera's in Simcoe. I'm quite looking forward to it...I don't know much about it except to hear a friend say that this restaurant has the best breakfast around.

Yesterday I worked on a quilt that was designed and made by my friend, Debra Allan. It's such a sweet quilt. She named the pattern Beary Love and Butterflies....and you can see why.....
A couple of years ago I was part of a block exchange that we called the Shoebox quilt. Everyone in the group ( I think twelve of us ) picked our own theme, made the first block, then passed the blocks around for a year 'til we ended up with our own Shoebox again. During that year we couldn't see what others were contributing to our own Shoeboxes. Every month we would have a month to construct a block ( or two ) for other participant's quilts.

We have finally set a date in July to try to get our blocks made into quilt tops, if not completely done!

There were a lot of fun themes....snowmen, trees, houses, fairy garden to name a few. My theme was neutrals. I've always been intrigued with the challenge involved in the making of a neutral quilt. 

Yesterday I figured I'd better at least get the blocks on the design wall. I really had it in my head that as I put them up they would magically fall into place into a pleasing arrangement!

Bwahahahahaha!!! Not so much!
I am totally stymied on what to do with my blocks! I'm going to rely on a old, faithful technique....leave them up there for a while until they talk to me and give me the answer!

I do have a kind of radical idea, but I don't think I have quite the courage :( 

Monday evening I went to a guild meeting. So many people showed their centre medallions of the 365QuiltChallenge block-of-the-day. I will have to take a bit of time out of my day to do mine after being inspired by every else's blocks. 

The beauty of being a bit behind is hearing everyone's advice on the piecing of the medallion....thanks, guys!!!

I did piece a block this week that was quite challenging. It's part of a BOM called Happy Days by Sarah Fielke. This is going to be a stunning quilt. I especially like that it will be challenging and using techniques that I'd never come across. 

Here is this month's block...
The middle bit is almost perfect but some of the dots in the fabric really make it look way off! Oh well, it's done and I like it! I also like that the tigers in the corner fabric all came out standing up by happy accident. 

I am linking up with Quilt Story for their Fabric Tuesday to see what others are working on today!

Have a great almost-Spring day!

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